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"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.”   - John Cage

Recent concerts:

Creativefest #12

O'culto da Ajuda

5-10 November 2018, 20:30

Travessa das Zebras, nº 25, 1300-589 Lisboa, Portugal


Recent releases - 2017:


Dissection Room

w / Dissection Room [cs594]

cs549_Dissection Room.jpg



w / Isotope Ensemble [cs519]

cs519_isotope ensemble.jpg



w / String Theory [cs500]




w / Suspenão [cs496]



Ma'adim Vallis

w / Variable Geometry Orchesta  [cs494]

cs494_Ma'adim Vallis.jpg


Apteryx Mantelli

w / IKB Ensemble [cs492]





"Without music, life would be a mistake."  - Friedrich Nietzsche

Abdul Moimême was born in Lisbon where he is an active member of the cities free improvisation scene. He has performed in Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

- He has also worked as a jazz writer, since 1999, writing in various Portuguese publications such as Flirt, All Jazz and magazines, as well as the Público newspaper.

- He has performed in several projects such as: Hipnótica, IKB, Insub Meta Orchestra, Isotope EnsembleQueixas,

String Theory, Suspensão, and Variable Geometry Orchestra.



CV English:

CV Castellano:

CV Português:




"The century of airplanes has a right to its own music."  - Claude Debussy

Dissection Room  / w. Albert Cirera, Alvaro Rosso [cs477] 2018

Barium  / w. Isotope Ensemble [cs519] 2018

Tellurium  / w. String Theory [cs500] 2018

Physis  / w. Suspenão [cs496] 2018

Ma'adim Vallis  / w. Variable Geometry Orchesta [cs494] 2018

Apteryx Mantelli   / w. IKB Ensemble [cs492] 2017

Micrographia  / w. Thanos Chrysakis, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, Miguel Mira [cs477] 2017

Lisbon: 10 Sound Portraits  / w. Wade Matthews [cs421] 2017

Exosphere - live at the pantheon  / Solo [cs394] 2017

Yttrium  / w. Isotope Ensemble [cs448] 2017

Kletka  / w. Ilia Belorukov, Kurt Liedwart, Ernesto Rodrigues [cs428] 2017

Ornithorhynchus Anatinus  / w. IKB Ensemble [cs416] 2017


Maat Mons  / w. Variable Geometry Orchestra [cs406] 2016

Basalto  / w. Ernesto Rodrigues, Antez [cs388] 2016


Gravity  / w. String Theory [cs361] 2016


Quasar  / w. Variable Geometry Orchestra [cs358] 2016


Siete Colores  / w. Fernando Perales, Ernesto Rodrigues [cs355] 2016


Chelonoides Nigra  / w. IKB Ensemble [cs345] 2016


Rumor  / w. Marco Scarassatti, Eduardo Chagas, Gloria Damijan [cs332] 2015


Lulu auf dem Berg  / w. Variable Geometry Orchestra [cs325] 2015


Cloud Voices  / w. Ernesto Rodrigues, Eduardo Chagas, João Madeira [cs316] 2015


Εξαíφνηs  / w. Thanos Chrysakis, Ernestro Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, Miguel Mira [cs310] 2015


Dracaena Draco  / IKB [cs294] 2014


Eye of Newt  / w. Queixas [insubcd09] 2013


Mekhaanu  / Solo [insubcd08] 2013


Monochrome Bleu Sans Titre  / w. IKB Ensemble [cs223] 2012


Fabula  / w. Axel Dörner, Ernesto Rodrigues, Ricardo Guerreiro [cs220] 2012


Brume  / w. Cyril Bondi, D'Incise, Ernesto Rodrigues Eduardo Chagas, Nuno Torres [cs200] 2011


Le Beau Déviant  / w. Heddy Boubaker, Ernesto Rodrigues [cs194] 2011


Khettahu  / w. Ricardo Guerreiro [cs191] 2011


Suspensão  / w. Suspensão [cs189] 2011


Complaintes De Marée Basse  / w. Diatribes [insubcd02] 2010


Nekhephthu  / Solo [Creative Sources cs102] 2009


Variable Geometry Orchestra, Live at Casa da Música  / w. Variable Geometry Orchestra [VL2008-2] 2008


New Communities for Better Days  / w. Hipnótica [metrodiscos] 2007


The Rose Selavy Show  / w. Potlatch [Iinsub19] 2007


Stills  / w. Variable Geometry Orchestra [cs100] 2007


New Communities for Better Days  / w. Hipnótica [som livre SL 985-2] 2007


Collection d’Univers Spontanés  / Various artists [insubcdr01] 2006


Breves Histórias Sobre o Efeito  / w. Hipnótica [metrodiscos 021.03] 2005


Reconciliation  / w. Hipnótica [metrodiscos] 2004


Na Floresta da Chuva Eléctrica  / Solo [artist’s edition] 2002



excerpt track

[insubcd 02]

[insubcd 09]

[insubcd 08]




"They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art."  -  Charlie Parker


Jesse Goin  / Crow with no Mouth

Abdul Moimême, as I pointed out in my review of his work with Diatribes last year, is a guitarist mining the possibilities of a guitar approached as a sound-generator that happens to have a fret-board and an improbably long history […]

MEKHAANU - La Forêt des Mécanismes Sauvages  - insubcd08

Rui Eduardo Paes  / Bitabites

[...] Os sons assim produzidos vão do liliputiano, tão subtis quanto o ouvido pode captar, a um trovejar de dimensões wagnerianas ou de heavy metal, com distorção a condizer. A música de «Mekhaanu» vai de um extremo ao outro, constituindo uma ode à guitarra elétrica, uma invenção de George Beauchamp que remonta a 1931, e uma homenagem ao conceito de «preparação» (alteração dos timbres instrumentais por meio de aplicações físicas) de John Cage. Um grande disco, para ouvir com toda a atenção, que pode ser encomendado ou descarregado no sítio da Insubordinations. [...]  


Florence Wetzel  / All About Jazz

[…] He sets the instruments in motion and lets them sing to each other, nudging them in different directions as the seven tunes progress. The result is a kaleidoscope of resonance: there's undertones and overtones, clangs and urgent pulsations, scrapes and ancient echoes, arctic winds and dinosaur roars—a veritable feast of sound. In fact the title of the CD means "the forest of wild mechanisms," which is an apt description of the compelling world that Moimême creates. […] But whatever this music sets off in the imagination, it has a wild beauty and a freshness that's highly enjoyable throughout. […]


John Eyles  / All About Jazz

[…] Moimême generates an impressively broad spectrum of sounds from his instruments and is adept at using the two guitars to produce contrasting sounds which complement one another well, repeatedly creating the impression that two separate guitarists are interacting and trading phrases. […] The end result is invariably an appealingly deep soundscape with plenty of detail which makes for stimulating and dramatic listening.   


Steve Pescott  / Reviews of New & Contemporary Records, CDs & Cº.

[…] It's a well-measured exercise that could easily be imagined as having purely electronic origins. […] I can only gawp and do the jawdrop at the invention presented here; adding late seventies era pitch black industrial manoeuvres and the faint afterglow of Brotzmann junior's stringwrench into the free aesthetic. After all, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since Fred Frith's "Guitar Solos" album, which was my entry into the realms of distressed/heavily tweaked guitar experimentalism.


Steve Pescott  / Reviews of New & Contemporary Records, CDs & Cº.

[…] I can only gawp and do the jawdrop at the invention presented here; adding late seventies era pitch black industrial manoeuvres and the faint afterglow of Brotzmann junior's stringwrench into the free aesthetic. After all, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since Fred Frith's "Guitar Solos" album, which was my entry into the realms of distressed/heavily tweaked guitar experimentalism. […]


Brian Morton  / The Wire (03/2009)

[…] Interesting to compare these solo guitar recordings with Olaf Rupp’s recent CD (reviewed in The Wire 301). Both musicians use a Stratocaster and a fairly simple amplification set-up, but whereas Rupp creates chunks of music out of strummed chords and clangorous pull-offs, Moimême turns his guitars ( he also uses a homemade solid body instrument) into zithers, gamelans, tam-tams – nothing, in fact, that sounds very much like a conventional electric guitar. It’s eerie, atmospheric and mostly very successful work, though a bit of a stretch at CD length. […]


Nuno Catarino  / Bodyspace

A selection of other reviews:

Rui Eduardo Paes  /


Rui Eduardo Paes  /


Stuart Broomer  / Point of Departure



Fouter & Swick  / Sound Art and New Music



John Eyles  / All About Jazz

Multiple Reviews


Florence Wetzel  / All About Jazz

Multiple Reviews


Steve Pescott  / Reviews of New & Contemporary Records, CDs & Cº.

Eye of Newt


Fabrice Vanoverberg  / Le Son du Grisli

Eye of Newt


Vito Camarretta  / Chain D.L.K



Guillaume Belhomme  / Le Son du Grisli



Rui Eduardo Paes  /


Eduardo Chagas  / Jazzearredores



Richard Pinnell  / The Watchful Ear



Vito Camarretta  / Chain DLK



Brian Olewnick  / Just Outside

Le Beau Deviant  


Massimo Ricci  / Touching Extremes

Complaintes De Marée Basse  


Stuart Broomer  / Paris Transatlantic Magazine


[…] At times it sounds like a railway yard. Cars are being moved about with some narrative going on or some plan for the next day, all of it characterized by metal-on-metal scrapings (though softened in the echo) and gamelan sounds too pure to escape deification.  At other times this sense of play in space, of the improvised diagram, branches out to the cosmos, so you're hearing vast dimensions and relations, notions that we only experience as they might be sketched out, a Balinese train yard in space. The amplified and echoed bowings and scrapings scarcely touch on their origins--the guitar as source of a body of gestures that are consistently refigured, almost a musique concrète element.  This is a recording of untoward beauty where the imagination and an exacting ear are unlikely to separate the original sounds from the alterations and reimaginings, or to locate them in time. […]

Richard Pinnell  / The Watchful Ear



Julien Heraud  / Improv Sphere

Le Beau Déviant


Monsieur Délire  / Journal d'écoute



Rui Eduardo Paes  / Bitabites



Stuart Broomer  / Point of Departure

Complaintes de Marée Basse




"Since time is a continuum, the moment is always different, so the music is always different."  - Herbie Hancock



Tudo nu com Charlie Parker - O Beat do Bop - parte II   /


O Beat do Bop - parte I   /


Na Era da Rádio e da “Terra de Ninguém”  /


Uma ligação Transatlântica  /


A Soma das Partes  /


Bill Evans na “Movida” Madrilena  /  [No Vazio da Onda]




"Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something." - Frank Zappa




PHOTOS by Nuno Martins: 

                                                             photo by Carlos Santos





Trio with Wade Matthews & Carlos Santos @ O'culto da Ajuda - 08/06/2016

Improvisation #1 Mekhaanu recording session @ Namouche - 27/08/2011

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